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An ALGECO container set as offices of a used car dealer


Summer 2015
Purpose of use
Used car dealer facilities
Facilities An office container set
Type of project
Lease - summer 2015

algeco brno acdodavky 002


Another modular construction was prepared by ALGECO for a used car dealer in Brno. It consists of five office AX 26 type containers that will provide space for business negotiations. A part of this modular construction are private facilities of the company. There are sanitary facilities and space for relaxing or storing lighter things.
The general design of the containers is in accordance with the ALGECO concept – simple lines, timeless colors and material, and discreet and elegant visage are prioritized. The top edges of the containers shows the costumer’s logo. As the containers are situated in the direction of the points of the compass, blinds were installed into the windows. These now prevent both intense sunshine and undesirable heat.