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Modular constructions ALGECO at NATO Days in Ostrava


Customer sector
Event, culture
Purpose of use
Facilities Habitable, office, and staircase containers

dny nato 001


ALGECO’s modular constructions belong due to their quality, multifunctionality, and technical perfection among the top habitable containers in the market. Our containers provided facilities and comfort for the management of one of the largest military and security shows in Europe, NATO Days in Ostrava 2015 which took place from 19th to 20th September 2015.
ALGECO provided a container set for the army leadership and management of this magnificent show. The control tower consisting of office and sanitary containers provided suitable space for the show’s organizers. Besides the containers for the management unit, sanitary containers and containers providing space for the organizers were also supplied. These containers were used as administrative, storage, and relaxation zones. Ground boxes with elegant banners for the partners of the event were also provided.