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The development team in an ALGECO modular construction


Šenov u Nového Jičína
Purpose of use
Temporary offices
Facilities An office container set
Type of project
Lease 2015

varroc algeco 005


A modular construction of a larger size has been assembled in October 2015 in the premises of the company in Šenov u Nového Jičína, Czech Republic. The container body serves for the purposes of our company and consists of 37 containers – especially office containers with sanitary units. The container body has one floor and is occupied by 80 employees of the company’s development team. The construction is fully furnished with practical office furniture and contains even a sector kitchen for preparation or reheating meals. As the construction is going to serve its purpose for twelve months, containers are prepared for temperature differences – the interior is equipped with air-conditioning and windows with blinds. Indeed, units are provided with extinguishers, grounding, and structured cabling. Data projectors were also supplied for eventual training or seminars. The general appearance of the modular structure does not interfere with its surroundings because it is a one floor building with discreet design.