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ALGECO containers in Bratislava


Customer sector
Construction site
Purpose of use
Space for construction workers
Facilities Habitable and sanitary containers

algeco bratislava sunsize 006


An ALGECO modular construction will provide facilities for an important construction project of an administrative center in Bratislava.
The container body is assembled from fourteen habitable containers, two sanitary containers, one gatehouse, and one fecal tank with capacity of 10 cubic meters which is lowered into the ground.  The two-floor construction serves especially to workers on the site – e.g., technicians, a site manager, works inspector, gatekeeper. The lower floor is connected with the upper one by an outside staircase. Containers are fully furnished with furniture such as desks, chairs, cabinets, pegs, shelves. Included are also a kitchenette, air-conditioning, and an electric distribution board. By request of the customer, containers were also equipped with security measures – to prevent future inconveniences, iron bars were installed on doors and windows of the ground floor of the construction. The modular construction will serve its purpose for about 16 months.