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Modular constructions ALGECO were used as a temporary pub


Prague 4 - Braník
Purpose of use
Facilities Habitable and sanitary containers, fecal tank, glazed window panels
Type of project
Number of modules /m2
8 / 105m2

branik 003


Containers have been used as a restaurant/pub. Before this installation, a tent was used for this purpose, however because of its total design and renovation of a courtyard it was no longer suitable. Its owner was trying to find a quick, slightly and economic solution. For better visibility and nicer appearance 2 glazed panels have been used and plastic glass doors. It is interesting, that in this restaurant they are selling beer from Braník (part of Prague), which is also produced in this compound. The sanitary container DHWC replaced chemical toilets, which have not been suitable for this environment.