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A large administrative building with all equipment


Date 2017
Nitra, a car factory construction
Customer sector
Building industry
Purpose of use

Offices for management, locker rooms with sanitary equipment for employees


Residential containers, corridor and sanitary containers

Type of project
Number of modules/m2 62/930

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In March 2017, a large administrative building from ALGECO mobile containers was built in Nitra for one of the German companies during the construction of car factory Jaguar Land Rover. The building serves for administrative purposes of both in-house and external employees. A separate sanitary facilities for assembly workers goes without saying. In this cooperation, a lot of standard and extra services were provided, e.g. all furniture for offices, split air conditioners, wiring, mobile fencing, free-standing barriers, a printer, a carpet etc. All company premises are regularly cleaned up. ALGECO equipped a kitchenette with all devices, a kitchen unit, a large industrial coffee machine, a dishwasher, a microwave. Because of the absence of engineering networks, ALGECO also delivers service water on a daily basis through its subcontractors. The water is filled in special IBC totes which are placed in our storage modules. This service is connected to emptying the septic tanks.