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The construction of a primary school


Date August 2017
Prague - Velká Chuchle
Customer sector
Purpose of use
Classrooms, locker rooms, a teacher’s office, toilets
Facilities Residential containers, corridor containers and stairs
Type of project Sale
Number of modules/m2 20/300

jpg zs chuchle 001


The construction of a two-storey assembly which consisted of residential and sanitary containers (with the dimensions 2.5 x 6 m with the indoor height of 3 m) according to a first draft by a designing company was performed in approximately 5 months. The assembly served as a primary school in Velká Chuchle in Prague 5 for 96 children who needed temporary premises because the original building of the school made of bricks was being reconstructed. There are 4 classrooms, a teacher’s office, a locker room, sanitary facilities for children and teachers and a room for cleaning equipment. Several subcontractors took part in the construction and they delivered multi-split air conditioners, steel structures such as outdoor stairs and anchoring structures of air conditioners, a water connection and sewers, water pipes and lightning conductor.