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ALGECO buildings at one of the highlighting events in Slovakia in summer again


Trenčín, airport LOTN
Customer sector
Event – Festival
Purpose of use
The facilities of a music festival
Facilities Residential containers, sanitary containers
Type of project

jpg algeco pohoda 2017 001


A year later, modular buildings ALGECO again returned to a top music festival in Slovakia which ranks among the best music festivals across Europe thanks to its quality and facilities. This year again, ALGECO delivered its top-notch products ALGECO SHOP which served for merchandising products selling or as facilities for recording interviews. Storey terrace of ALGECO SHOP provided a beautiful view on the whole premises. The facilities of the festival are not only about VIP products and views on the beautiful festival premises. We delivered large number of modular buildings and containers which served the organizers, performers or subcontractors. Sanitary containers or buildings for a medical unit of the whole festival go without saying. For the selected products, ALGECO delivered fully air-conditioned interior including all equipment within Service 360°.