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Our containers as facilities for your summer events


Region Slovakia
July 2015
Customer sector
Purpose of use
Facilities for organizers, musicians, hospitals, cash registers, press center
Residential and sanitary modules, fecal tanks
Number of modules / m2 59 / 915 m2

 algeco pronajem kontejneru 2015reference05

Cooperation of ALGECO and festivals in the Slovak Republic continued also this year. We delivered the most modules to this particular event in the history of cooperation-59 pieces, most of which were residential modules, but there were also sanitary facilities (toilets, showers) and fecal tanks. We also provided sanitary facilities for people with disability in the form of two sanitary containers equipped also with counter for mothers and their babies. Modules served mainly as background for the organizers, music groups, but also for other members who participated in the festival organization. Most residential containers were used as background for individual stages. As every year, we could not miss ALGECO cash desks, facilities for security, electricians, volunteers or field hospital and a press center that was built from four modules in order to create comfortable space, etc.