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ALGECO mobile fencing

In response to  increasing demand on global markets we extended the portfolio of our services by mobile fencing.
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Quality and Service
algeco mobilni oploceni 0002Our mobile fences are made with a special manufacturing process. In this process, each transverse frame tube with rounded ends is cone-shaped in order to ensure 100% strength of the weld around the tube in the frame. Only in this way cracking of side pipes can be avoided, which would lead to welds cracking.
The strongest and most durable joints in fencing system:

  • incredible strength of the joint-by up to 70% stronger than traditional joint
  • unmatched testing procedures, each piece is rigorously tested to 500 kg
  • uniform appearance of the frames thanks to tensioned fencing  mesh 
  • unlike traditionally produced fences our fences  have each wire welded to the wire frame to increase the strength and quality


Our products

algeco mobilni oploceni 0000MOBILE FENCING ALGECO EURO
Characteristic by welded frame with 100 mm mesh with wire thickness of 3.3 mm. The frame is composed of tubes with a diameter of 30 mm (horizontally) and 40 mm (vertically) with a wall thickness of 1.2 mm.
All the fences are made using technology SmartWeld 100. SmartWeld is a registered trademark for portable fencing.
Mobile fencing  can of course be equipped with gates for pedestrians and vehicles.



algeco mobilni oploceni 0005MOBILE FENCING ALGECO FULL
Panel thickness of 2.3 mm is formed by angled rods and pipes and trapezoidal sheets. Available are galvanized and color variations. It can be combined with all types of gates. In this system we also offer non-transparent gates.
Available fastening systems
The offer includes mounting systems and accessories to all panels: using clutches (standard, enhanced or special key) or  using hooks.



algeco mobilni oploceni 0001SERVIS
We do not talk about service, we carry out service. Isn`t it better?

Thanks to continuous keeping of appropriate amount of inventories and close cooperation with transport companies our products are delivered to customers within 24 hours in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Each customer or end user has the option to order advertising board (board with  logo or tarpaulin banner) of different sizes, which will be placed on each fence panel. It's a great and relatively inexpensive way of advertising your business