Customers’ Testimonials

Complete facilities for the reconstruction of a railway station in Brno
Our modular buildings became a part of an extensive reconstruction of a railway station in Brno. Our cabins were used for a temporary waiting room that can serve up to 110 passengers. It is equipped with high-quality chairs, benches and tables to improve the comfort. A cash desk is an integral part of it.
Our modular buildings used as facilities for a four-year-long project in Prague
In 2015, an investment plan for the replacement of four combustion boilers started in Prague. The project was executed in 2018.
The facilities for kids in a kindergarten in the form of modular buildings
The brightest and the most colourful testimonial of 2018. Our modular buildings were used as a temporary kindergarten in Bystřice. A clear proof that our modules can also be creative solutions for customer’s needs. The individual requirements of the investor were fulfilled and the result was a nice kindergarten for kids.
Complete facilities and service for our customer in Dobříš
A whole two-story modular assembly served our automotive industry customer in Dobříš in 2018. The modules were delivered to be used as offices, changing rooms and a dining room.
A three-floor assembly for our long-term customer
A three-floor container assembly completely made of renovated residential containers was delivered. Sanitary containers were newly made only for this long-term customer.
NATO Days 2018
A year has passed and ALGECO became a partner of NATO DAYS again. Our modular buildings served as the facilities of this spectacular event and we could also test the quality of our modules in an untraditional way. A helicopter landed on one of our assemblies!
Administrative facilities for company employees
Containers are used for the administrative facilities for company employees. The building consists of individual offices, a meeting room, dining space and sanitary facilities. The offices are equipped with furniture, blinds, air-conditioning and fire detectors.
The facilities for television crews at motorcycle races in Brno
The containers served television crews broadcasting the races to the whole world. They were equipped with air conditioning and a special adjustment on a window which served to connect the cables. Also, there were tables and chairs. 2 containers were for police officers and other 2 for serving staff.
Modules with the most extensive services and PREMIUM kitchen
The company invests billions to the renovation of its production plant. The most extensive project is Eco Flex – recovery boiler where this assembly is used. A specific feature of this installation is the fact that there is not enough space for the installation of containers on the premises and it is literally crammed in small space.
The facilities of the reconstruction of Negrelli’s viaduct in Prague
The project for the reconstruction of Negrelli’s viaduct in Prague. The building serves as the administrative facilities for the construction site. The assembly is made from the system of inserted corridors. The assembly contains sanitary facilities and kitchenettes.

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