Our expert ALGECO team in the field of advisory services is available for you any time, it will draw up a proposal or a project for you and deal with all the bureaucracy with authorities.

More than 90 % of our customers let ALGECO equip their containers or modular buildings with furniture for rent. The customers may choose (similarly to our products) from three furniture lines: from standard and comfort to premium equipment. Order furniture for rent in a package with extraordinarily attractive prices. Also notice our kitchen packages and sanitary starter kit with suitable accessories and daily consumer products for your sanitary spaces.

With the growing popularity of modular buildings in various fields, the technical requirements also get higher. So, networks, communication technology and air conditioning have become standard equipment nowadays. Learn more about our technical possibilities and individual offers, for example safety equipment!

According to valid directives for workplaces, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers belong to the basic safety equipment of buildings. We will be happy to perform maintenance tasks set down by the law when we agree on it. And to make your risks stay predictable, we will recommend you our insurance packages. You will determine the scope of the insurance and your financial contributions on your own! Of course, we will provide these services in a package as an important protection.

We will be happy to support you in your daily operation even after we hand over the building. For example, do you know who will take care of the cleaning services on site? Or would you like basic food and beverage supply?

Mobile fencing and barriers, Generators, Light towers, Turnstiles, Secure storage solution and other services directly on the construction site.


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Equipment – packages

  • Furniture
  • Kitchenettes
  • Sanitary accessories

Technical equipment – packages

  • Networks
  • Communications
  • Air-conditionin

Security – packages

  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Security equipment
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance