Schools & Kindergartens

Are you planning an extensive reconstruction of a school or kindergarten and holidays won’t be enough time? The capacity of kindergartens in your municipality isn’t sufficient and you are considering establishing a new entity and can’t find a suitable property? ALGECO offers you a fast and high-quality solution – container modules which can be used to assemble practical residential as well as sanitary spaces that meet the high demands on safety and hygiene. It is an easy, practical and cheap solution which will be appreciated by any municipality or private investor.

- Educational institutions (schools, classrooms, kindergartens, etc.)
- Buildings with one or more floors with large and bright classes/playrooms, staffrooms and office spaces which offer the quality and comfort of a brick building
- Comfortable and safe stairs
- High-quality sanitary facilities
- Executed in a short period of time and with favourable conditions

- Office spaces with one or more floors which offer the quality and comfort of a brick building
- High-quality sanitary facilities
- The option of simple connection of the state-of-the art information technology
- Special security systems
- Executed in a short period of time and with favourable conditions

Expansion to the premises of an elementary school
The Richnava elementary school is a project that consisted of 14 modules in Stage I, leased for 1 year as a temporary structure. In the second stage, the structure was moved to a new location in the village. The building grew complemented with an additional second floor thanks to the added ALGECO ADVANCE IN modules. Currently, there are a total of 7 classrooms in this school building, connected by an interior staircase. The modular building houses staff rooms for the teachers, corridors with hangers and social facilities.
Temporary classrooms for an elementary school
Modular building used for school classrooms of an elementary school. The set consists of spacious rooms for each class. Each classroom includes a blackboard and a sink. On the 1st floor, the classrooms are connected by a corridor. Also located on the 1st floor is the food serving and dining area. The 2nd floor houses the staffroom with access via an outdoor staircase. Both floors are equipped with sanitary facilities.
A quick solution to expand a kindergarten
The project of the Gajary municipality was aimed at increasing the capacity in their kindergarten. The municipality of Gajary intends to carry out a general reconstruction of the existing kindergarten building during this school year, thus deciding on an alternative solution of expanding the premises and increasing the capacity by one classroom. Of the 5 modules, 4 units serve as a classroom and 1 module forms a transition corridor – a connection to the original kindergarten building.
The facilities for kids in a kindergarten in the form of modular buildings
The brightest and the most colourful testimonial of 2018. Our modular buildings were used as a temporary kindergarten in Bystřice. A clear proof that our modules can also be creative solutions for customer’s needs. The individual requirements of the investor were fulfilled and the result was a nice kindergarten for kids.
The construction of a primary school
The construction of a two-storey assembly which consisted of residential and sanitary containers (with the dimensions 2.5 x 6 m with the indoor height of 3 m) according to a first draft by a designing company was performed in approximately 5 months.
Temporary kindergarten building from our modular buildings
The containers were used for the children from a kindergarten on Kollárova street, Úvaly. Approximately 126 children needed some rooms for their kindergarten.


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