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Functional, ergonomic and custom office spaces?

Have you decided to reconstruct or renovate your plant or offices? Are you planning for an extension or new departments? Are you afraid of the suspension of operation? ALGECO offers container office spaces in all sizes and with any type of equipment and it has a fast and effective solution for you. Those can be computer workplaces equipped with information technology, rooms with carpets or air-conditioning – basically anything is possible.


We bring perfect solutions for office spaces for our customers from all industries with our product line Advance (IN).

A perfect spatial solution is ADVANCE PLUS, a new comfortable rental system of ALGECO which combines modern look with innovative technique.

Simple facilities for a gatekeeper The module is equipped with air conditioning that effectively cools and heats the interior. Our 360° SERVICE provided a premium custom kitchen including appliances and complete equipment. The module's facade was colour-coordinated with other buildings on the grounds. The gatehouse has a security door.
Administrative facilities for EUROVIA
During the construction of the D4 motorway, we supplied a modular building for the managers of a concreting and asphalt plant, which also includes a laboratory in addition to offices. The facilities are equipped with furniture, a custom-made kitchen, data cable systems, split air conditioning and aluminium shelters. Sanitary facilities with premium showers, including stainless steel accessories, were also built for the workers.
Administrative building for factory workers
We implemented a modular building for a major global car manufacturer that serves as facilities for the company’s workers. The two-storey building consists of a total of 12 modules of the ALGECO IN product line. This building is specific in its location. It is built in the interior of a production hall to provide comfortable facilities without interfere with normal operation. Due to the operation of forklifts in its vicinity, the building is equipped with a supporting ceiling structure, which serves as a base for the second floor. The offices are fully air-conditioned and connected.
Office facilities for administration and logistics
Office facilities for administration and logistics, at the time of reconstruction of existing office space. These are two separate two-storey buildings, the second floor is accessible via a staircase. The corridor in the assembly is a built-in integrated corridor. The assembly is equipped with air conditioning - for the first floor the air conditioning has outlets on the roof, for the second floor, the positioning is standard. The assembly is equipped with complete office furniture from our SERVIS 360° program.
Complex 3-storey office complex for a construction site
Description of the project, implementation, purpose of use, complexity of delivery, etc. Construction site facility, an office complex for the management of the RIVER CITY Prague project. The assembly includes offices, meeting rooms, sanitary facilities and a place for refreshments. The assembly is designed as a three-storey building with a corridor system. The complex uses split air conditioning. Access to individual floors is provided via stair towers. The building is accessible through the gatehouse.
Two-storey office administration building inside an industrial complex
The new administration building is used as a base facility for the employees of a a multinational company in the industrial area in Kolín. The building includes not only offices, but also sanitary facilties, kitchen and a breakroom. The administration building has two floors and indoor and outdoor staircase. Each floor offers a separate bathroom and a kitchen made exactly according to the customer's requirements.
An office building for the suppliers of building services for an apartment building in the centre of Prague
ALGECO modular building makes up the facilities for a building company that is working on a unique architectural object in the city centre – an atypical apartment building. Modules created a three-storey object in which the individual storeys are connected with an outdoor staircase.
Office building and facilities for a construction company
Sometimes builders need temporary facilities even in the center of Prague. The ground plan of the building is designed so that it does not disturb or interfere with traffic zones in the city center. ALGECO modular buildings form facilities for a construction company that is renovating a building. The building includes offices, meeting rooms and sanitary facilities.
Office building and facilities for a gas pipeline construction contractor - 2nd phase
ALGECO modular buildings form facilities for a construction company. There are offices, a meeting room and sanitary modules. The whole building is air-conditioned with the option of heating mode. The sanitary modules are connected to a water source thanks to a borehole at a depth of 60 meters. Waste from the entire building is drained into underground tanks.
Office building for gas pipeline construction contractors - 1st phase
ALGECO modular buildings form facilities for the construction company. There are offices, a meeting room and sanitary modules. Due to the location, it was necessary to connect the sanitary facility to a sump. The whole building is connected to Internet. The interiors of the building were equipped with basic office equipment thanks to our 360° SERVICE. The premises will also have a storage facility with security. ALGECO modules form facilities for the security guard.


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