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It can be done very fast. Get information about smart solutions in the form of modular buildings – fast and flexible alternatives of common stone buildings. Mini apartments for singles, commuters or students or turnkey boarding houses with fitted kitchens and ready-made bathrooms? Build comfortably and free of stress! Our team of specialists is here for you!

For example, if you need extra space for the elderly, students or asylum seekers in the short time and you want to ensure your flexibility besides quality and excellent services, we’re a competent partner for you with our perfect spatial solutions and suitable financing proposals. Rental systems are flexible from the long-term point of view; modular buildings are modern counterparts to permanent solutions – both are interesting alternatives to common buildings thanks to their short execution periods. We’ll build your property in the shortest time possible – and it will be a turnkey building. Modularity offers tons of extension solutions and therefore also some space needed for adjustment to various areas of use when the capacity utilization fluctuates. At the same time, renovation works and partial disassembling is always possible, no problems involved. ALGECO will build your housing comfortably and you don’t have to worry. Thanks to our team of specialists, you’ll receive individual prepared construction solutions within several weeks, including 360° SERVICE. So you can be sure about the choice and for your greater comfort!

Are you looking for an executable and financially advantageous spatial solution?

Changing rooms, sanitary facilities, printing centres, ticket sale, common spaces, accommodation.

As varied as your events may be, as flexible in use ALGECO containers are. You can have a cash desk for ticket sale, a printing centre or changing rooms for artists. ALGECO containers are suitable for small as well as large events.

Accommodation capacities for workers
The containers provided facilities for the TV crews preparing the broadcast of the Biathlon World Championships 2024 in Nové Město na Moravě.
A three-floor assembly for our long-term customer
A three-floor container assembly completely made of renovated residential containers was delivered. Sanitary containers were newly made only for this long-term customer.
NATO Days 2018
A year has passed and ALGECO became a partner of NATO DAYS again. Our modular buildings served as the facilities of this spectacular event and we could also test the quality of our modules in an untraditional way. A helicopter landed on one of our assemblies!
The facilities for television crews at motorcycle races in Brno
The containers served television crews broadcasting the races to the whole world. They were equipped with air conditioning and a special adjustment on a window which served to connect the cables. Also, there were tables and chairs. 2 containers were for police officers and other 2 for serving staff.
VIP assembly and other facilities at the festival in Ostrava
Containers were particularly used as an assembly for the organising staff, VIP assembly near the main stage and in the facilities of the festival for musicians and festival staff.


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