Are you looking for high-quality and representative spaces for the management of the construction site?

Are you looking for the accommodation of your construction workers as well as the space for necessary administration which is related to every construction? ALGECO offers a suitable solution for the facilities of every construction site – from simple offices to high-quality and representative spaces for the management of the construction site, open-plan residential rooms, sanitary facilities with easy maintenance or comfortable bedrooms. A flexible system of individual modules allows fast construction as well as disassembling which ensures smooth running of the construction.


Our product lines ALGECO ORIGIN and ALGECO STORAGE ensure complex services for the equipment of a construction site.

Accommodation capacities for workers
The two-story modular building is used as facilities for construction site workers.
Office building for warehouse operation
The warehouse consists of four separate residential modules adjacent to the hall, which are used by warehouse workers for inbound and outbound materials. The sanitary module is also used by carrier drivers. The building was customised. The overall architectural concept of the containers was visually coordinated with the hall. The containers are painted in RAL 9006, and the windows and doors are in RAL 7016. The interiors are air-conditioned. Our 360° SERVICE provided a steel programme for the building in the form of canopies and front door landings.
Construction site with complete facilities, including buildings, entrance turnstiles, barriers and fencing
The extent and complexity of this project makes it a very interesting and important ALGECO project. The highest emphasis was placed on quality and design in this project, as well as on the range of services provided in relation to the equipment of the building and the security of the surrounding area and operation. The modular ALGECO building provides facilities in the form of office space, meeting rooms, sanitary facilities with a kitchen and a training centre. The interior of the building is partially divided by glass walls, and the whole building is air conditioned.
Construction site facilities - office complex and locker rooms
The ground floor container buildings, consisting of a total of 34 ALGECO modules, provide facilities for the employees of the company, which is carrying out the construction of a new building in the neighbourhood. The two detached buildings house office space and locker rooms, including sanitary facilities. The facilities were used by both administrative personnel and warehouse staff. Each part has its own separate entrance. At the request of the investor, roofs were installed above the entrances.
Our ALGECO Modules at 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Slovakia
It was our company´s pleasure to deliver modular units to Bratislava and Košice where the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship took place in May. During the championship our modules provided facilities for broadcast teams and technologies. The comfort was supported by air-conditioners and sanitary containers throughout the championship. All visitors to the championship walked through special modules located in the security zone.
Modular ALGECO building as facilities for the renovation of IKEA in Brno
IKEA Czech Republic is currently investing in the renovation of its building in the Avion shopping center in the south of Brno.
Our modular buildings used as facilities for a four-year-long project in Prague
In 2015, an investment plan for the replacement of four combustion boilers started in Prague. The project was executed in 2018.
Two-floor facilities for a construction site in Prague
The preparation of a construction site for a construction. The assembly is equipped with sanitary modules, there are changing rooms on the first floor and the second floor is designed for the management of the construction (offices, a meeting room). The second floor of the assembly is accessed from the side stairs and the movement on the second floor is secured by console passageways.
The reconstruction of a store in Opava
The customer needed facilities for employees on the construction site and also for the employees and customers of the store during the reconstruction. We also delivered the equipment for the offices, air conditioning, septic tanks.
Modular buildings as a training centre for employees
The building serves as a training centre for the employees of a company and as one small office. The customer decided to build the object form residential container modules mainly because of the time.


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