The rental business model provides a low-carbon solution

There are many ways in which we can help our customers, suppliers and stakeholders stand up to the challenges of climate change and ensure the growth of a low-carbon circular economy. We focus on the reuse and recycling of material. We don't like the 'take-make-waste' approach.
This approach allowed us to create a circular model. In this model, most materials have a stable life; the materials are kept in service for as long as possible and then they are reused or recycled, with a minimum of residual waste. The long-term goal is to preserve the value of materials and resources without generating residual waste.



Through our services, projects and client portfolio, we have integrated socially responsible activities into our vision and business.




1. To achieve long-term success, we are transitioning to a sustainability strategy, the core of which is circularity, providing a modular space for people to work, study and live.



2. In cooperation with our stakeholders, we are working to create and develop shared values for people and the planet. We create products that have a positive impact on society and contribute to lasting success.


3. We focus on ethical, environmental and community goals, supporting diverse and inclusive people as an employer.



Minimisation of resource consumption and a circular model make our environmental solutions less intensive than traditional designs.


Because our modules are reusable, flexible, reconfigurable and recyclable, we can adapt to the changing requirements of demographic and climate change.


In rentals, the modules remain our property throughout their life cycle; this allows us to innovate and address environmental challenges to minimise the impact on the environment.



The environment:
We want to continue to reduce and limit negative impacts on the environment and the amount of generated waste, and initiate appropriate disposal.
When possible, we use environmentally safe products and materials in our production.
We support the reuse and recycling of sources and materials.
We are constantly working to develop our ECO-FUTURE-friendly energy and water program, and we strive to reduce the consumption of our products.




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