Office building for the production halls of s. n. o. p. cz a.s. under construction

Event name  

facilities for the production complex of s. n. o. p. cz a.s. Písek


Klášterec nad Ohří - Czech Republic

Date of realization   April 2019
Customer sector  

Industry – automotive production

Intended use  

Offices + dressing rooms


Office and sanitary modules with equipment

Project type  

24 months rent

Number of modules, area (m2)


16 units, 240 m2

The container modules are part of the third production plant of s. n. o. p. cz a.s. The single-storey assembly consists of a total of 11 offices and 5 sanitary containers providing a comfortable office space. This building also houses the dressing rooms for employees. The building is equipped with air conditioning, and the thermal comfort can also be regulated using the outdoor blinds. The ALGECO solution also includes the delivery of furniture as part of SERVIS 360°. SERVIS 360° equipped the building with office furniture and dressing room components corresponding to the strict health and safety standards. At the customer’s request, the ALGECO container modules were painted with the same colour as the already existing production facilities of the company.

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