Our ALGECO Modules at 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Slovakia

Name of the event  

Hockey Event, a.s. (2019 Ice Hockey World Championship)


Bratislava, Ondrej Nepela Ice Hockey Rink (SK) + Steel Arena in Košice

Date of the event

Customer sector   Events
Purpose of use   Facilities for broadcast teams, for partners of the Championship
Equipment   Residential / sanitary containers
Type of project   Rental

Number of modules/m2

  75 / 1125 m2


It was our company´s pleasure to deliver modular units to Bratislava and Košice where the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship took place in May. During the championship our modules provided facilities for broadcast teams and technologies. The comfort was supported by air-conditioners and sanitary containers throughout the championship. All visitors to the championship walked through special modules located in the security zone. Our containers included, among other things, also a frame detector.


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