Planning and execution

ALGECO's team of experts offers you consultancy, planning and project management, including coordination with authorities. This seamless project management guarantees you the highest possible planning security with cost control.


Security planning

All from one source - optimized project flow


Minimization of construction time

Cost control

Turnkey implementation and fixed prices with an optimized course of your project.

Concept and design engineering
  • project order,
  • request for building permit,
  • technical construction documents, such as documents,
  • for thermal and sound insulation and fire protection,
  • energy certificate, statics verified by type,
  • fire protection concept with escape route plans,
  • soil assessment,
  • media connection request,
  • various financing models: rental, purchase and lease.
From module to building
  • general contractor performance,
  • turnkey buildings,
  • appointment of SIGE coordinator,
  • building concepts for halls, cellars, bottom,
  • structures and solid buildings,
  • access roads and outdoor facilities,
  • bottom building, foundations and drainage,
  • design of building with facade systems,
  • roof structures and attic,
  • ecological green roofs and green facades,
  • gardening and landscaping work.
Devices and equipment
  • computer and communication technology,
  • heating and air conditioning,
  • smart building technology,
  • flooring of choice, e.g.
  • carpets, tiles or linoleum,
  • packages for equipping office spaces,
  • kitchens and dining rooms,
  • moving and arranging service.
After building handover
  • maintenance contracts,
  • insurance,
  • housekeeper service,
  • waste disposal,
  • After-Sales-Service.


ALGECO Service Dame

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Our SERVIS 360°

Equipment – packages

  • Furniture
  • Kitchenettes
  • Sanitary accessories

Technical equipment – packages

  • Networks
  • Communications
  • Air-conditionin

Security – packages

  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Security equipment
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance