ALGECO delivers hundreds of construction modular units designed for kindergartens and schools on the market every year. The most common reasons for building schools with the technology of ALGECO group are cost savings in the comparison with typical constructions, the speed and the flexibility of the solution (there might be extensions and other modifications) and the complexity of the delivery. A new generation of effective solutions for the needs of kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions comes with the product line called PROGRESS. The modules of PROGRESS line offer comfort and quality comparable to brick constructions. They allow for a maximally variable spatial arrangement (further modifications, extensions or reductions possible). The construction can be used almost anywhere and it is easy to move. Compliance with all necessary standards, hygienic and ergonomic requirements for schools goes without saying.

Technical information

Module dimensions:
AL15: 6,30 x 2,44 m x 2,94 m. outside height (2,50 inside height)
AL18: 6,30 x 2,93 m x 2,94 m. outside height (2,50 inside height)

Corridor dimensions:
AL12: 4,90 x 2,44 m x 2,94 m. outside height (2,50 inside height)
AL14: 5,88 x 2,44 m x 2,94 m. outside height (2,50 inside height)

Floors, ceilings: Standard – 100 mm of mineral wool High insulation – 160 mm of mineral wool Fire prevention – 160 mm Rockwool
Walls: insulation from mineral wool with a vapour barrier (80 mm or 100 mm) or polyurethane foam

Safety and protection
3 circlips

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