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Functional, ergonomic and custom office spaces?

Have you decided to reconstruct or renovate your plant or offices? Are you planning for an extension or new departments? Are you afraid of the suspension of operation? ALGECO offers container office spaces in all sizes and with any type of equipment and it has a fast and effective solution for you. Those can be computer workplaces equipped with information technology, rooms with carpets or air-conditioning – basically anything is possible.


We bring perfect solutions for office spaces for our customers from all industries with our product line Advance (IN).

A perfect spatial solution is ADVANCE PLUS, a new comfortable rental system of ALGECO which combines modern look with innovative technique.

An office building for the management of the company with facilities
Container modules are used as a two-storey building where office spaces for the company management are located. There is an office for the manager with a room for the assistant. On the second floor, there is a sitting room for the rest of the employees. It also includes a kitchenette.
Office building for the production halls of s. n. o. p. cz a.s. under construction
The container modules are part of the third production plant of s. n. o. p. cz a.s. The single-storey assembly consists of a total of 11 offices and 5 sanitary containers providing a comfortable office space. This building also houses the dressing rooms for employees. The building is equipped with air conditioning, and the thermal comfort can also be regulated using the outdoor blinds.
Office building for the general contractor of a car battery manufacturing plant
ALGECO containers were used for the construction and implementation of a two-storey building for HYUNDAI ENGINEERING CO., LTD. and their partner. This project was created as a makeshift workplace with the possibility of later expansion. In the first phase the building consisted of 75 containers. The investor requested a workplace for a total of 100 people, including the complete supply of furniture and 360° service.
Office building for a pharmaceutical company in Budapest, Hungary. Made in Staré Město
The container modules produced in the factory in Staré Město are used as a comprehensive, fully equipped office building. The building has 3 floors, and our modular system has created a floor area of 376.5 m2. The container building provides comfortable facilities for 72 employees. It contains offices, a central archive and a kitchen. The height of the units is 3,200 mm. There was emphasis on increased insulation with 30-minute fire protection (Fermacel plasterboard as the top layer of walls and ceilings).
Complete facilities for the reconstruction of a railway station in Brno
Our modular buildings became a part of an extensive reconstruction of a railway station in Brno. Our cabins were used for a temporary waiting room that can serve up to 110 passengers. It is equipped with high-quality chairs, benches and tables to improve the comfort. A cash desk is an integral part of it.
Complete facilities and service for our customer in Dobříš
A whole two-story modular assembly served our automotive industry customer in Dobříš in 2018. The modules were delivered to be used as offices, changing rooms and a dining room.
Administrative facilities for company employees
Containers are used for the administrative facilities for company employees. The building consists of individual offices, a meeting room, dining space and sanitary facilities. The offices are equipped with furniture, blinds, air-conditioning and fire detectors.
Modules with the most extensive services and PREMIUM kitchen
The company invests billions to the renovation of its production plant. The most extensive project is Eco Flex – recovery boiler where this assembly is used. A specific feature of this installation is the fact that there is not enough space for the installation of containers on the premises and it is literally crammed in small space.
The facilities of the reconstruction of Negrelli’s viaduct in Prague
The project for the reconstruction of Negrelli’s viaduct in Prague. The building serves as the administrative facilities for the construction site. The assembly is made from the system of inserted corridors. The assembly contains sanitary facilities and kitchenettes.
The facilities for municipal police in Prague
Municipal district Prague 14 – Černý most is working on the reconstruction of the building for municipal police. To maintain the operation, they needed to secure temporary office spaces and changing rooms.

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